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Lesson on site

You are traveling in Quito and have the time and desire to improve your Knowledge of spanish. Take our frontal lessons and take the opportunity to have your teachers show you the beauties of nature.

Online Individual classes 

–  Customised individual lessons.

–  You have more time flexibility.

– You can set specific goals                     (exams, work, conversation)

–  You feel more at ease in a private      environmet

– You will progress at your own              pace.


Our online spanish lessons are suitable for all of your time and do not want to learn locally. Whether at home in the office or in nature, equipped with a laptop, your teacher will accompany you wherever you are.

We recommend spanish classes because:

–  They are more fun and                          interactive.

–  You will enjoy a relaxed                        communicative environment.

–  Lots of resources to practice                before and after class.

–  It´s a great opportunity to                  socialise.

–  You can a lign learning goals .

Holiday with teaching

Holidays – experience something, have fun and learn. 

We accompany you to the beach or in the Amazon Jungle. Take a look at our interesting suggestions and get a corresponding offer.

Relaxed Atmosphere

–  Fun and relaxed classes.

– Entertaining and practical.

– Tailored to what you need.

–  Learn without even realising it.

–  Motivating you to speak from             day one.

– Extra curricular events, movies,      

–  An authentic spanish experience.

Spanish classes

 – Interactive fun & easy to                     follow   lesson. 

 – Group  or individual classes-all        year round. 

 – Relaxed and fun atmosphere.  

– Interactive, personal & easy to         follow lessons.  

– Access to lots of learning                   activities.  

– Lots  of resources to practice           before and after class. 

– Same methodology as face to          face classes. 

– Highly qualified & experienced        native teachers. 

Your satisfaction is our priority

Learn without pressure

What matters most to us is that you feel comfortable in class. So it is ok.
if  you want to talk about a topic you already know, learn something new or do some revision you decide how to use your time in class and when you are ready to move forward.

Progress with a personal learning plan

After your firts free online class, we will create a tailored learning plan for you. The classes will be fully tailored to you, using various types of activities to help you learn at your pace. Your will receive materials before and after your classes at no extra cost, to practice between classes.