We are committed to take you by the hand and accompany you in learning this wonderful world of Spanish, we are flexible with your time and we adapt to your own learning style.

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We are a team of Spanish teaching professionals. We have a lot of experience to assist people of all ages and professions in everything they need in the Spanish speaking world.

You want to spend your holiday in Latin-American and you need the essential words to get around?

We can help you with that...  We offer courses for all levels.

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Private lessons

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Listen, practice, read & improve your spanish

We  present  you  our  own  material  to  learn  and  help  you  develop  your listening, reading, comprehension,  writing  and verbal  skills.


Do you know the tree tomato? It is a fruit that only exists in Ecuador and other countries in Latin America. 

How is it consumed?


What is the difference between “El favor” and “Por favor”?

It´s said that if you use these words, they will open doors for you in any place.

Grammar tips

The ways in which the verb “Haber” is used in Spanish.


Why study spanish?


– It is easy to learn Spanish.

– Spanish gives you options.

– Travel to 21 spanish speaking countries.

– Get better job options

– Open yourself to other cultures

– Create friendships with people from 

   another culture.

Our School & Mission

0ur Philosophy

Our philosophy is to teach foreigners of all ages and all countries about Spanish as a second language, to spread the Hispanic and Latin American culture in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, and to create a close relationship of friendship and communication to learn the richness that cultural differences bring us.

We want you to give you the opportunity to open your mind to another world and another way of thinking.

Join our community of enthusiastic students and teachers to  practice, study and travel to spanish speaking countries.

Come we invite you to this great adventure and relax.

Founder: Patricia Ochoa.

Our courses and programs

Spanish Private online

- Live online.
- One on one
- Group lesson

Face to face in Quito

- Private spanish lessons in person
- Customized spanish program.
- Cultural Events in spanish.

City tours

Visit museums and do cultural activities with your teacher. Spanish in immersion.

Learn and vacations

Study and practice Spanish while taking vacations on the beach or in the jungle.


Join our 100% Spanish conversation club with different topics and analysis of movies, videos, stories.


You can work as a volunteer in some organizations in Ecuador and practice your Spanish.


Our coaches are available and willing to meet your Spanish language development needs in a fun, flexible and patient manner, customizing your lessons so that you learn Spanish at your own pace.



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You want to learn spanish?
We offer courses for all levels

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